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Defective RAM, CM2x512-5400C4 (1 stick of the 2 is bad)

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I purchased twin pair of the Corsair CM2x512-5400C4 RAM from an online vendor and installed it in a system. Within one day it started to reboot constantly. I then reformatted the system thinking that it would be a software issue but it didnt help. Then I started to do the normal diagnostics with the hardware and figured out it was one of the RAM sticks in the set.

I took out one of the RAM chips and booted up the system no problem. I then tested the motherboard ALONE with the bad ram and I was getting funny errors, blue screens, etc. As soon as I put in the good RAM back in, it would boot up no problem. I need an RMA Ticket Number and I read online that I had to go through the forums to get a post ID. I really would appreciate the help because the memory is for a video editing system and its running currently with a single 512 mb chip :/..... Thanks for your time...


Johnny Demirjian

Network Central

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