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VS1GB400C3 bad stick?


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I ordered a new VS1GB400C3 1GB stick during the holiday. Intended for use

with my SR1010Z. The motherboard is K8S-LA, a special version of ASUS



I did the following tests:

1. put it with my original 256MB stick, the system shows 256MB only;

2. put it alone, the system won't boot at all. tried either bank of the two

slots, no lucky.


Wat should I do?

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I would be surprised if Corsair has no memory to work for Compaq SR1010Z. :D:


Still, my question: what should I do starting from here? Replacement from vendor

or Corsair directly? Which is better? My vendor do not support exchange. I may

consider return. Shall I do more tests before that?


Anyone can help? Where is board master? I send emails to ramguys, no response

after 1 day. Where are Corsair guys? Really diminish my respect to Corsair.


Thanks for any suggestion in advance.

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