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133x 1GB Card behaving badly


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Have just purchased a Panasonic DMC-FZ30 digital camera (a very cool piece of hardware!!!) and a Corsair 133x 1GB SD Card. According to Panasonic the camera supports cards up to 2Gb and high and pro speed cards...


When I first put the card into the camera, the camera needed to format it. It ran through the routine, and then the message came up again - "This card needs to be formatted". I did this 3 times (somewhat puzzled) but then success - the camera was finally happy. I ran around for an hour or two happily taking pictures and copying them to my computer from the camera. Suddenly the message comes up again - "This card needs to be formatted"... Same scenario - 3 or 4 attempts before success. This became a routine over the weekend with the camera randomly creating "Write Error - This card needs to be formatted" messages, and of course i was losing any pics i hadn't yet copied to my computer. I then stuck the SD card into my old Kodak Cx7300 not really expecting it to work (it's a really budget camera 'bout 2 years old) but the Kodak was happy to accept the card - for about 10 pics that is, then it too came up with the dreaded "this card needs formatting" error. It too eventually did format the Card and was happy to take pictures and even record some movies, but every now and then the write error would occur. The Kodak by the way did recognise the full 1gb...


I have other brand SD cards (up to 256MB standard speed) which i used in both cameras with no problems, storing and copying hundreds of pics.


Now the real mystery to me is as follows : I have a multi format card reader in which i was able to format the SD card as well - ensuring that i only formatted in FAT16, since the camera's do not support FAT32... Whenever the card was in the reader i had no problems whatsoever... I even copied a 900MB MPEG (the 1GB card has a formatted capacity of around 954MB) and watched the whole thing from the SD card with no problem. I then copied 950MB of photos to the Card and then back to my hardrive without any problems...


Any advice would be appreciated....

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