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Since I received my corsair ram I've noticed that my system randomly crashes, especially in games like warcraft 3. Awhile back I posted minidumps on a forum and a guy told me that my memory is bad. I've also noticed that when i clock my memory to 333 instead of 400 that I do not crash. I ran memtest 86 for over 18hours and had no problems, I even tested each stick a few times too. Yesterday I decided I wanted to put my memory back at 400 since its ddr400, and I crashed. I ran memtest today with my memory clocked at 400 and it came up with 2 errors.


My specs are listed.. im using slots 1 and 2 for the ram.


Here are the memtest results:


Test Pass Failing Address Good Bad Err-bits Count Chan

3 5 000052ea000 82.6MB f7f7f7f7 7481c042 837637 2 1


Im going to test each stick, but what should I do to start creating an RMA? I bought the ram on Sept 16, 2005 from Newegg.com. I have my receipt and packaging it came in. All the stickers are on the ram, and no overclocking or altering as been done.


Thanks, David

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So i went ahead and did even more testing...


I ran it at ddr400 again and got 16 errors.. then 333 and got 2 errors.


After that I ran it at 400 and got 0 errors after several hours, and 0 errors at 333.


I ran each module in slot 1 and 2 and received no errors. I have not gotten another error since yesterday and I've been testing all day.

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alright i did what you said and tested in the ram.. no luck.. i set timing to 2-3-3-8 but for some reason it says 3-3-3-8. im still getting memory problems.. I tested the ram in my parents comp and it works great.. no errors, and theirs (value select) works great in mine.


any ideas on what to try next? and what is the experation on an RMA?

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  • Corsair Employees

What are the exact settings you have set for memory and CPU in your bios?

In addition, that is normal if you are looking at the SPD for it to shw the SPD timings, you have to look under chipset or CPU to see the actual timinga that are set. And have you tested the modules one at a time?

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ive tested each stick.. both work fine in the 1st slot.. but not the 2nd and 3rd slots. so when i have 2 in and 1 is in the 2nd or 3rd then it crashes.


yes ive checked speed timings and ive set them at 2-3-3-6.. but it does not change anything.


the exact settings now are limit 400. with everything else on auto. and volts are auto (2.6)


but again ive tested it on limit 400, 2-3-3-6 2.7 volts and no change.

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