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Bad memory modules.


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I believe i have 2 faulty memory modules. both were tested with memtest in different sockets, have zero physical damage, have clean contacts.

Module #1: had 1000s of errors when run in memtest shortly after i bought it. (got lazy and hadn't tried to replace it :o: )

Module #2: passed memtest at the time Module #1 failed, but i have recently had a few random memory dump crashes and retested in memtest to find 5 errors.

Please advise.


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Sorry, must have forgotten to save my specs before... they are added to my profile now...


part number: VS512MB400 3200 DDR 40

Serial distribution: 2074

Serial distribution: 2076


not sure what the revision number is.

the number under the bar code is: 819-0511118-0 -280943.. (dont know if you need that)

no, i dont think it was in a "twinX pack"... but i am not 100% sure.

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the CPU is 400 Mhz. FSB


I set the memory voltage to 2.7, ran Memtest again. still had errors (7) while running test #7. (didnt quite follow your logic on how overclocking the default value would fix memory errors, but thats why i am here i suppose. :biggrin: )

everything else is default.



EDIT: I have also been monitoring CPU heat to localize the problem... temps stay normal and there seemingly is no connection between processor loads and when the crashes occur. I have updated all drivers i can think of... but to no avail. memory is my only other guess. ??

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Sorry it has taken me so long to reply... (work has been crazy)


To recap... i have 2 memory modules... one was determined to be causing BSoD and had 1000s of errors in memtest run on different PCs, ever since i bought it from monarch computer systems this fall. The other passed. i got busy (lazy) and didnt do anything about the flawed module.


Running on one module for several months with no problems, i started getting BSoD again and memory dumps randomly. Ran memtest and got a handfull of errors... I took your advise and boosted the memory voltage to 2.8v but to no avail...


Please help?! Thanks!

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