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I have this 1gig ecc ddr-266 chip and it doesnt work. I first tried it in an intel se7500wv2 mobo with dual xeons. The ram chip I used with it was identical, but I got the bad ram bios beep code. Then I tried it in my athlon 1.1ghz pc, and that gives me a bios ram beep code( 3 beeps). But the other module fires up the pc just fine. So I'm 99.9% sure the module is defective.


I covered all my bases, the mobo requires ddr200 or faster, I populated the correct two dimm slots first, I decoded the bios error beep code properly based on the mobo manual, and it does support 1gb dimms, as does the amd athlon pc system. When I tried the defective stick on the amd I used the same slot, and I only put that one dimm in, I didnt put both in at once.


I would like to return the module under warranty. Please advise. Thanks


Mike C.

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