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Need help with new laptop not sure about compatability.


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I just got the HP ze2308wm laptop. It was the big $378 special at walmart blackfriday sale.


I know the system supports more ram as per the product specs sheet located here




Others have noted that this laptop is identical in specs to the ze2000z series. So my question would be..... Whats the chance that the listed compatible ram for the ze2000z on this site is also compatible with my notebook.


Any help would be oh so great. I really dont want to pay out the rear for hp ram upgrades if i can use corsair i love my corsair ram in my desktop.


I openened it up to look and didnt tinker but it looked like only one dimm slot though people have said the ze2000z series has 2 dimms as the sheet says it holds 1gig ram im wondering if it(my laptop) supports a 1gig stick or 2 512's.

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May have to remove the keyboard or something else to get access to the other slot.


CMSS512MB-333SOD 512MB

CMSS256MB-333SOD 256MB



That's what that other model brings up in the compatibility chart. They're meant to be compatible with all OEM systems, so they should work fine.

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