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Possible Bad Memory Module


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Back in July I bought and Asus A7N8X-X Motherboard with an AMD Sempron 2800+ and 2 CMX512-3200C2PT memory modules. The MOBO and Memory I purchased from NewEgg.com. I installed everything and the machine seemed to work fine. However, after a few weeks I started noticing intermittent problems with the machine and an error message that kept popping up from Win XP SP1. I "googled" the error message and came across several results that suggested that it was a memory problem. I then downloaded a couple of open source memory testing apps to test the memory and find the problem. One of the apps was memtest86 and one was an ISO image that ran from CD-ROM. Both apps detected errors in my memory. I cracked the case and removed one of the modules and ran the tests again and no errors were found. I cracked the case again and swapped the modules and the machine would not even boot up. I am currently running with the one good corsair module.


I contacted NewEgg and got an RMA for the return but found out that since I discarded the original packaging I would have to contact corsair to get a replacement. Can anyone on this forum help?

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