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1GB Flash Voyager - Metal USB Connector Tip Broken!


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The tip of my flash voyager has broke off so the device is no longer working.


My question is, I still have data on the drive and would like to recover it. If I resolder the tip back onto my flash voyager, can I then send the unit back for RMA after I fix it? Or would resoldering the tip void my warranty?



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Cutomer service said that they would call me back reguarding my problem. I asked if I could solder the tip back on to recover the data, so they would get back to me if this would void my waranty or not. I guess Ill try calling agian and see what happens.


BTW take a look at this! Pretty much so the exact same thing happened to me. Just that it was the weight of the car keys that broke the tip of my flash drive.



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