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bad cmx-256A-4000


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hello i'm spanish and my english is very bad :P


i have 2x256 xms 4000 and at ddr500, 3-4-4-8 2,8v (in my motherboarth i can only selec or 2,6, 2,7, 2,8v) the system turn off, and when i run de memtest86 find a lot of errors, at ddr 400 go well.


i have 2x512 xms4000pro and go well at ddr500 without errors and without systems hang


i fill de RMA but i`m not sure what is the part number (have tyhis format??? xxxxxx xxxx xx xxxx number??)) and the post id number,


in spain we don`t have states, i fill with an X, it this correct??



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hi, thanks for the answer


i have received the RMA number, but...


Corsair Memory, Inc.

RMA Dept. #R

46221 Landing Parkway

Fremont, CA 94538


this is the RMA adress?

i have to send from spain, i need the country isn't? or i write only this adress in the box? (and the rma number, part number and number modules, inside or out of the box??)



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