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Chilled System?


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Been considering all maner of air-cooled systems and have decided ill be better off biting the bullet and going for the watercooled system.


was at work and noticed that the taps on the neverfault watercooler drinking fountain screw off and have standard 3/8 plumbing fittings. next time the bottle was empty i pulled the bottle and the bottle-piercing cap ontop of the chilled resiviour off and the insulating foam from arround the thermace-style 'barrel' that chills the water after is falls from the bottle. theres quite a length of "evaporator" tubing and a tidy (completly silent, and adjustable) compressor and condenser radiator-like thing at the back.


was thinking a could plug some fittings onto the tap and split it up into 3 lines and run the cooling in series, (crank the temp as low as it will go) only turn the chiller on when the system is warm, and have some hi-flow pumps so the system doesnt freeze over(making a semi-educated guess that if the system is travelling fash enough it wont freeze, though i may have to move to a larger tubing size for this to work?



i have a very limited knowledge of watercooling setups, but on a hot day our old watercooler (we have two, the older is 6 years old or so) will make a nice little frozen layer over the top of the chilled res if its not used for an hour with the cooler-lesscool setting at about 1/4. also the building nextdoor was getting some air-conditioning installed and when the air-con guys where getting off our roof after running the lines out the side of the building to the condensers on the roof i grabbed one and he seemed to think the chiller would easily cope with that kind of heat...


what does everyone think?

does my large hose/fast flow=no freeze theory work?

any waterblock suggestions(silverprop? swiftech?)?

anyone tried this?

series or parelell(sp?, very tired)?



i was hoping that the system (watercopoler costing me 200aud) would cost me less than a vapochill for cpu and water for chipset+vga... which ive heard is quite good, but the uniqueness of the system is also appealing, and i think the possibilities for creativity in the resivour are many


also, will not need to move system around, have enough room under back(wallside) part of my desk to have compressor, power and condenser mounted with fans mounted on condenser and vents at back of desk to vent any heat created by the system.


thanks in advance

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you can use it, but in a closed loop with propylene glycol as your cooling media, first find what temps are of evaporator steady running for 1hour, then mix PG according to evap temps. for a pump use swiftech 1/2" MCP655, 3/8" MCP650. just a note it will cool but not extreme like a direct die phase change system. just a little below ambiant it will go your chiller setup.
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