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Request RMA bad memory stick...


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Hi. I don't know what all the information you need, so I'll give all that is on the stick. I couldn't boot the computer one afternoon. Took out both memory sticks and put one stick in the memory slots one at a time. When computer would come up with one stick it would say bad checksum error. Took that one out and put in the other memory stick and it booted the computer just fine. Tried that on all four memory slots, one stick would boot the computer every time in all four slots. The other stick would give the same error in all four memory slots.


I have two 512 Corsair CMX512-3200C2 (XMS3202v1.1), 0251083, XMS3200, 512MB, 400MHz, CL2.


Only one stick seems to be bad as the other stick let me boot the computer just fine. I just need an RMA please for one stick.

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