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512 MB flash voyager - damn small linux - make bootable?


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i have a 512 mb flash voyager and i'm trying to install dsl (damn small linux, damnsmalllinux.org)

to do that you have to make it bootable. in the DSL faq it says to burn an iso file for a bootable cd and create the bootable "pen drive" (ie voyager) from there (already inside dsl).

i did that and using the appropiate software (fluxbox menu with right click > apps > tools > usb pendrive) have tried both usb hdd and usb zip but nothing seems to work.

i have never used linux before and i really have no idea why its not working. it says the creation of the bootable drive was successful but it doesnt show up in the bootable devices list in the bios.

i have never tried to make it bootable before.

to use dsl, do i have to use the make bootable option from the voyager software (windows) too? because i think the stick gets erased when creating the "bootable dsl disk".

i'm not sure if my pc supports usb booting and if the flash voyager supports linux booting.

any help would be appreciated!


ps: how can i see if my pc recognizes the stick as bootable with something other than dsl? will the button from the voyager software work for that?

thanx so much guys!!


{edit}: hm, should have mentioned this: i have a sony vaio notebook pcg-fr415b, if that helps...

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You can try using the utility to make the drive bootable that came with your drive. You would use the CD image that you burn for the source, but to make sure your getting a good image you should be able to boot to the CD to test it. Then if it boots to the CD, when prompted to insert the disk to make the drive bootable give it the drive letter for your CD.
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