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CMx512-3200 C2


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I have an Asus P4C800-E-Deluxe motherboard with an intel P4 2.8 ghz processor and 800 mhz FSB. I have been running two CMX512-3200C2 modules in dual channel mode in this computer (2-3-3-6) for about 2 years now with absoultely no problems. Both modules are version 1.1. I recently decided to get more memory, purchasing a Twinx matched pair of two CMX-3200C2 modules, they are version 5.2. I havent been able to get these four modules to run together stably, I get many system crashes. I am guessing that this is because of the difference in the versions of the two different pairs. I am trying to run them at 2-3-3-6. Is it the versions of those two pairs that is casuing the problem or is it my settings? If it is the versions, what can I do to exchange the 2 v1.1 for 2 v 5.2 or the two v 5.2 for 2 v 1.1?



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