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One Stick of Matched Pair Out to Lunch


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Computer would not boot this am. (Abit NF7-S v.2.0/AMD 2500XP-M/Pair of Maxtor 7200 80Gb harddrives in SATA "Striped"/BFG 256mb GeForce 6800GT video/TDK VeloCD 48X/Corsair XMS TwinX 2048-3200C2/Fortron FSP400 psu).


This ram has been working flawlessly in this computer since purchased thru Newegg 8/17/05, and was the answer to smoothing out Battlefield 2.


As stated, the computer would not boot/beep/sneeze/etc., until I had removed both sticks of ram and then tried it single stick. (Abit NF7-S has three ram slots).


One stick would allow it to boot properly, but when the second stick was inserted the computer would not boot. In switching the two sticks around, it was determined that one stick (#A) would allow booting when placed as a single in any of the three slots. However, when stick (#B) was placed in any slot alone or in conjunction with stick (#A) the computer would not boot.


I removed both sticks of Corsair, and replaced them with my previous ram (2x512) Buffalo PC3200, and they booted and are running fine in dual channel.


I have to think stick (#B) has run out of brain cells and needs to be retrained.

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