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I bought a matched set of dual channel memory about 8 months ago. Everything was working fine until the computers starts beeping nonstop.

I shut the computer off and reseat everything. Now when starting windows it gets to the XP splash and reboots. It does this in safe mode as well. I boot from the CD and it says that a file on the CD is corrupt. I tried a different CD and it also fails. I tried the cd's in other computers and it works fine. I removed one of the memory modules and the computer started working. I took out the working stick and put the suspect one in its place. The computer started rebooting again. I tried different slots and they all failed with this stick of memory. I now have one of the matched pair installed and have been working fine for over 24 hours.

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To properly figure out if the problem is the memory or not, you should run memtest and inform me of the results.


Here are the directions you can use to run memtest:


1. Head over to http://www.memtest.org

2. Click on the link labeled "Download (Pre-built & ISOs)"

3. Next click on the link labeled "Download - Pre-Compiled package for Floppy (DOS - Win)"

4. Download the software and Unzip the program files

5. Make sure a floppy disk is inserted

6. Run the program, when it asks which drive letter type in "a:"

7. Program should finish writing, reboot off floppy disk

8. Allow memtest to run 2-3 passes


I hope these instructions help you! Please let me know what happens!

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