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twinx 3500llpro


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you guys are recommending this memory as the best for the A8n32 SLI Deluxe

I hope that is correct

But I cannot find anywhere that I can get this memory

IS the memory available and if so where can someone buy it

I have two whole new systems sitting all put together and I cannot start it up pending the memory

Is this really available can I buy it directly for you or is there a better matched memory out there.or what can we do.....



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I have been on the" Notifiy list" for weeks now at Newegg.

It is getting frustrating watching a A8n32 SLi motherboard sitting idle unable to crank her up to see what she can do.

Is this shortage going to be a long term event or

will there ever be a decent supply so one can purchase in the near future or can you recommend another option that is same a or better???

Thanks for the info


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