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No OC!!

It boots and runs under basic windows.

When I run memtest it comes back with errors as configured below.

1) Dual Channel in either set of slots 31 errors on test 5,7 and 8

2) Single Channel in any of the other slots about the same as above.

3) Run a one SDRAM in any slot 7 errors on test 5 and 7

4) Run the other SDRAM same as above get 13 errors on test 5 and 7

I've ran it with many times some of them I've listed below

all auto 3 3 3 8 1T

The forums here said 2.5 3 3 6 1T

Many other timing under 1T and 2T.

All around v2.75


When I run prime95 it will not pass in any configuration.

I ran these chips on another computer and still didn't pass (it did pass with its own DDR2 chips though)


In any 3D game after a few minutes it freezes the computer.


I do not have othe RAM to test in this computer.

Does this sound like I got some bad RAM or could it be MB?

Also If it is bad should I change to a different Corsair RAM?

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