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Corsair VS512SDS266 Ram compatible with Inspiron 5100?

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Hello Everyone:


I plan on upgrading my Inspiron 5100 Dell Laptop which currently contains 256MB of RAM. From my understanding by reading the manual, I have two memory slots and one of them is taken by the 256MB RAM stick.


I intend on buying the Corsair 512MB PC2100 SODIMM 266MHz Memory (Part #: VS512SDS266, UPC #: 870584001843) . I used the Corsair memory search tool and unfortunately I'm unable to purchase the suggested RAM that is compatible for my laptop. The reason why I chose the VS512SDS266 is that I can purchase it from a Canadian online website (I'm from Canada) and I don't want to get burnt on the high duty fees like I did before.


My question is (and probably redundant) that is the Corsair VS512SDS266 memory modules compatible with my Inspiron 5100 laptop? My Bios version is A32 (the latest).


Please respond as soon as possible and your time is greatly appreciated

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I intend on removing the DELL memory out of the laptop and have 2 corsair sticks in it.



I just found out that the memory slots uses a 3.3V, while the Corsair takes 2.5V ?! Even the suggested Corsair Dell Memory for Inspiron 5100 uses a 2.5V?! Now I'm afraid that I'm going to fry the memory if I do purchase it. Anyone have an explanation to this?



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