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XMS3200-Problem with 1 stick of Dual Channel Kit


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I have a problem with one stick of xms 3200 1024MB 400MHz out of a Dual Channel Kit System (Corsair XMS 2GB Twin2048-3200c2pt).


System was assembled and tested on 7/23/2005 and has worked flawlessly since that date until 11/18/2005.


Motherboard: Asus A8n-SLI

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+

Video: eVGA Geforce 6800GT


On 11/19 system would not POST after sitting overnight.

Powered down, unplugged for hours would still not POST.

Cleared CMOS still no POST.


Disassembled system down to Motherboard/CPU/Memory/Video - still No POST.

Removed one stick from slot B1 and obtained POST.

Replaced apparent good stick in A1 with suspect stick previously removed from B1 and No POST.

Apparent good stick replaced in A1 and obtained POST.

Replaced suspect stick in B1 and could not POST.


Repeated above procedure with a second motherboard (identical model A8n-SLI) and different CPU (AMD 4000+) with identical results. The second system has run successfully and tested good for 24 hours on the apparently good stick in slot A1 and is still unable to POST with the suspect stick.


One stick is apparently good and the second I am confident has problems since it will not allow a POST in the 2 separate motherboards either alone or paired with a tested/working stick.


Any suggestions?

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