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nf7-s and cmx512c2pro


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i have an NF7-s ver 1.0 motherboard with a barton 2500 and a 512MB stick of corsair cmx512-3200c2pro . i recently bought another 512MB stick of corsair cmx512-3200c2pro to use in conjunction with it. i can't get the two sticks to work togetehr either in dual channel or single channel. i tried all the configerations. when i boot i freeze up on the windows splash screen, however i can boot into safe mode. i run windows 98. either stick runs fine by itself. the RAM modules are about 2 years apart. the SPD settings in the bios show 8-3-3-2.5 for both sticks tested individually. i ran memtest on both of them and no problems I noticed the older stick says xms3202v1.0 and the new stick says xms3202v1.2. I could do without the dual channel memory, i just want the extra ram.


any suggestions would greatly help

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