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A question that I think some of you know...


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Your question doesn't make any sense. Are memory sticks rated at certain timings? Yes. CAS 3 is the loosest they can get though, and as such all memory can do that.


Now just because 2 sticks can do the same timings doesn't mean they're compatible with each other though.

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Well prolly I didn't explain myself well, but I already found an answer, the chips are Winbond BH5


Memories based on Winbond BH-5, have a peculiarity that makes them different, apart from their quality to be overclocked they can get high buses with very reduced latencies "2-2-2" they are not capable of booting (from cold) with a cas latency of 3 , they are capable of booting in cl2, cl2.5 or even cl 1.5 but not cl3.


That's the answer to my question I put it here incase someone needs to know it :D.


Bye !

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