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Abit NI8-SLI and CM2X1024-6400


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I'm trying to set the timings for my RAM to what the documentation says are the SPD settings, however, am unable to do so.


First, there are 6 numbers that need to be set rather than the 5 I have seen everywhere else:

While the documentation says the RAM should be set to 5,5,5,12,1T

My bios is displaying the settings as:

T(CAS): 5, T(RCD): 5, T(RP): 5, T(RAS): 18, T(RC): 22, with a command rate of 2T.


current RAM voltage is set to 1.9 v


I have tried changing the settings to 5,5,5,12,5,1T, however this just causes my PC to crash on coming out of the bios requiring a hard boot and reset of the timings.


Please advise and thanks in advance.

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