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Both of memory are completely dead


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Ok I bought these memory about 3 years ago and here is the spec:



one is XMS3202v1.1 with the code 0250001


and the other one is XMS3202v2.2 with the code 0309012


Few weeks ago I got blue screen said that memory module number...... I forgot for several time. And it's working fine again but I was surprise that computer only read 512mb on control panel (in using XP Pro).


Motherboard is SOYO SY-P4X400 Ultra Platinum with P4 2800


And after that it's started acting up with blue screen with memory message problem again. And after few days it just completely dead so when I turn the PC it said in DOS screen that memory isn't installed.


I yank 2 x 128 PC2700 from my friend PC and I test them on my PC. surprisely it's working just fine again.


Anyone know what the heck is going on. Anyone sure if it's a pure memory problem. Please enlight me cause this problem is really pissed me off and I lost several unsaved project cause of the blue screen damn thing. Thanks.

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  • Corsair Employee

I do apologize, we are not here on weekends.


Have you tried one stick of the Corsair at a time in various different slots? This would be the best way to tell if the memory is faulty or not. please give this a try and let me know what happens.

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Hi Mr. RAM Guy.


Sorry I didn't mean to rush you but I just want to get this problem solved soon cause my roommate keep complaining when I pulled his kingston and use it on my PC.


Yes I tried to test each of them separately on different slot. One memory is completely dead so I always get a DOS screen said that memory isn't installed. And with the other one, the windows still boot up completely but it always give a blue screen said "problem with memory address ...... " in a few minutes when I'm working with it and mostly after I opened internet explorer. But the PC will do just fine if I let it idle after I turn it on.


Thank you

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