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LLPT and LLPro!


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Ive just upgraded my system and wanted to upgrade from 1gb of ram to 2gb. I have 1gb of twinx llpt ram (cmx512, 3200llpt, xms3205v1.2, 0418056-3) and didnt really want to discard this and buy a whole new 2gb set.


Ive had this ram quite a long time and new that it was not sold anymore so i checked ebay and found some llpro. I proceeded to buy these and have receieved them, they are 1gb twinx llpro (cmx512, 3200llpro, xms3205v1.0, 0349074).


Now i was wondering whether they will work together running 4 dimms in my new system as all 4 modules are set at 2326 cas timings. Any insight would be appreciated.


p.s. i realise that running 4 modules is not as good as 2 modules, but cost and owning a set of already great ram has sent me down this route.


Specs are:


AMD Athlon X2 4200+ with Zalman CNPS9500

Asus A8N Sli-premium mobo

XFX 7800gtx Gamers Ed. 475mhz clock

Ram as above ^^

2*Western Digital Raptors Raid 0

120gb Western Digital Cavier

Thermaltake Purepower 560w PSU

Anted P180 Case


If you need anymore info please ask.



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  • Corsair Employees

There is a limitation with the Athlon 64 which causes the memory controller which is built on to the CPU to run memory at DDR333 when more than 2 banks are filled. This is a limitation on the processor itself and not the memory. The basic steps you can take to attempt to get past this are as follows:


1. Upgrade to the latest BIOS available for your motherboard which can be found at the website of your mainboard company.


2. Set the Memory Frequency to DDR400 manually while setting the command rate of the memory (found in memory configuration) to "2T".


3. Make sure the memory voltage is set to at least 2.8 when running 4 modules.


These steps are merely work around and are not guaranteed. I apologize for the inconvenience, please let us know how you make out.

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