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Bios Settings a8n sli corsair 1GB TWINX-3200C2 2X512MB


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I have been reading and reading and trying to sift thru and find relevant info.

I would appreciate some help to properly setup my ram timings in bios.

Auto detecting them the timings are to loose.

I want to run them at specified ratings 2-3-3-6. Im newish to setting ram timings.

I have updated the bios to 1013, and now there are more timing options i dont recognise.

i dont know how to translate 2-3-3-6 to my mobo's bios descriptions

ras to cas lat is only recognisable setting.

dram voltage settings weather they should be changed ?

Hyper transport Frequency?

etc etc

It varies from forum to forum


I dont OC my stuff I wish i had the time to learn, but i have other things to learn for my job before i can indulge myself.

Im not one of those lazy ppl who want info without the hard work. so in the mean time default is good enough for me.

having said that if i was pointed in the right direction i would find the time if it was a no-nonsense guide where is was spelt out without the fluff


or a relevant thread

ANY help would be appreciated

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Ive set it up, benchmarked 3d mark 05 = 6774 same as before roughly

ran Call of duty 2 and it restarted pc after couple of minutes


My config is:

also i have amd 3500+ venice should i have 2.5 cas or 2


cas# Latency (tcl) 2

min ras# active time (Tras) 6T

RAS# to CAS Delay (Trcd) 3T

Row Precharge Time (Trc) 3T

row cycle time (Trc) 12T

Row Refresh Cycle Time (Trfc) 14T

Read-to-write time (Trwt) 5T

Write Recovery time (Twr) 3T

1T/2T Memory Timing 2T

DDR Voltage 2.75V

hyper transport frequency Auto

cpu Frequency 200

pci express clock 100

cpu multiplyer auto

cpu Voltage auto

pci clock synchronisation mode auto

peg link mode = faster


I hope this helps


btw ntune is loaded "pci clock is currently set to track ht bus if. if you adjust the clock for the HT bus, the pci clock will change as well. please consult mobo manual to determine how to disable the behavior before proceding"


Thanks Again

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The best link for this board is over at hardwareanalysis.com:




On the first page, working bios settings are listed, wish I'd found this thread before building my system, would have saved hours of research to come up with the exact same settings. For the greatest stability, peg link mode and Cool & Quiet are set to disabled and the ram is setup to the values Wired has listed. Good Luck.


ps: need to close the annoying popup ad first to see the FAQ page.

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i have run mem test, but not individually on each stick yet, it went fine.

is there anything that i should be looking for or just it crashing or obvious errors?

and does it loop or should i let it run its course or certain amout of loops.

it hasnt crashed since i have changed a few bios settings, BIG THANKS to Garvin!

and finally Wired, Cheers for your help!

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