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Secure partition doesn't show on alt comp


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I've installed the utility on one computer (Dell laptop) and set up a security partition with a password. When I plug in the drive, it shows both the non-secure and the secure partitions.


I then installed the software on another pc (HP Tablet), but when I plug in the drive and it pops up the security box, I enter the correct password, but the secure drive doesn't show up.


Any ideas?



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On certain systems (depending on user selectable options) the secure partition will not automatically pop up like the non secure partition does, even after you input the correct password. Once you have entered the correct password is the secure partition available under "My Computer"? Since XP Tablet Edition is based off of XP with the addition of the software suite for the Tablet environment there should be no change to the basic functionality of the Corsair USB Utility between your desktop and tablet PC. Without the software (Tablet Edition) to test with it is difficult to speculate what may be the problem. Since the auto detect feature of the software utility continues to function normally under the XP Tablet OS you should be able to see the secure partition.
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