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Bad Stick - XMS54002v1.1


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Went through many hours of testing why my machine was giving blue screens after adding an additional gig of Corsair XMS5402v1.2 Thought it might be the new sticks. When running memtest on the 2gigs total I got nothing but red screen filled with errors. After running each set of 512 memory with no errors, I decided to go one stick at a time, starting with the new memory. New memory was passing tests fine. Then I went to the old memory, the first stick of XMS5402v1.1 worked fine. The second one gave me a POST error and the lights lit ( on the memory stick - if they even mean anything? ) up funky like when something is wrong.


There were some other indications of bad memory, such as not all memory was showing up, but with the 3 sticks in the machine, everything shows up correctly, runs correclty, posts at 1.5gigs of memory. If I stick this 4 stick in, I either get POST error, or I get some weird amount of memory being installed in the box, never the 2gig amount that I should be seeing.

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