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iMac (iSight) compatible RAM


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I just bought Corsair VS1GB533D2. However, my iMac doesn't recognize it. Do I have bad menory module or is it not compatible with iMac (iSight)? According to Apple Support site, memory module should meet all of these criteria.





533 MHz


And following features are not supported.

registered or buffered





Accoriding to Corsair product page, VS1GB533D2 is PC2-4200, 240-pin, 533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. But all the others are not known. Can someone from Corsair please tell me if I bought iMac (iSight) compatible memory module? If it is then, I have bad module. I shell return it for same replacement module. If it is not then, I shell return it for different module.


Thanks in advance for you help.

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Have you tried using the corsair module all by itself? The Value Select models are not meant to be mixed with any other RAM besides other modules of the same part number. Please let us know if you tried that and what happened.
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I don't see the iSight in the compatibility listing yet: http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair/configurator_search.html


However, based on what the other MACs run, it seems that module should work.


Are you trying to run the Corsair module solo or are you adding it to existing system memory? If you are mixing the memory then that is likely your problem as you typically cannot mix different types of memory in that fashion. Also, does Apple recommending adding memory in pairs to your system? And, have you determined if your system will run a single stick of memory and added JUST the Corsair stick by itself?



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iMac (iSight) is the newest iMac with iSight built-in. And it has only 1 memory slot. It may be too new to be in compatibility list as I didn't see new DualCore PowerMac listed either. It has 512MB on-board. May it be then on-board memory conflict with Value Select module? But I couldn't find any other PC2-4200 1GB module from Corsair. In that case I should look for other brand memory module.
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It looks like this memory module is incompatible. I don't know if I missed it before or if they updated it recently, Corsair now have iMac (iSight) compatible memory module CMSS1GB-533. It's under iMac G5 2.1GHz 20". Man, it's nearly twice as expensive.
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