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4GB of DDR2 VS2GBKIT533D2 Only shows 3.12!


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This is a limitation with any X86 system running a 32 Bit O.S. 4 Gig Bit of memory Max (Not Giga-Byte) and the other memory in your system will come off of the top like memory in your Video card and or the cache in your CPU and network card. So for example if you have 4 1.0 Gig modules Windows will see it as about 3.7 Giga Byte of memory minus the cache in your CPU and the memory in your Video card So if you have a 256 Meg Video card it might show 3.2 Giga Byte of total memory. And with some MB's they will reserve some of the memory for PCI devices in the system so that number may drop to bellow 3.0 Gig of total memory.
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