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Would I be Able to use a koolance CPU-300-H06


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Yes, the CPU-300-H06 will work with the HydroCool 200 series units. However, as we have tested this cold-block in the past with the HC, the block's performance was a little less than the original HC's cold-block. So, please keep this in mind.


Do note, by going with another cold-block, the thermal probe readings for the HC's alarms and emergency shut down will be not used. You'll need to purchase and splice in another thermal probe so the readings will display.


Also, placement of the thermal probe will affect the readings and/or skew the auto emergency shut down. I would recommend placing the probe in a similar way to that of the HC's cold-block. Radio Shack use to carry a very good thermal probe for only a few dollars. Now, you need to locate one from OMEGA products or an OC'ing retail site for more than a few dollars. :rolleyes:


KC is wrong in his statement about the need for additional 1/4" barb joiners. :sigh!:


In the long run, you need to ask yourself, is it worth it? :winking:



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Thanks a lot. i want to use this cpu cooler because I am getting the gpu cooler from Koolance too and the easy connectors are the only reason I want this cpu waterblock, plus the clamping mechanism is a lot easier too. Am I going too lose much performance? If it is not much (1C) then it is worth because of the conviinience :)
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