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Best Memory Setup for Memory-Hungry Games


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I play a lot of the new Memory Hungry Games.... BF2, Quake 4 etc. and

want to upgrade to 2Gb of Ram. Where would I get the best results????

adding another pair of TWINX1024-4400, or pulling them and going to

TWINX2048-4000 ?????:confused:

I know if I add another set of TWINX1024, I will get forced to 2T.

I dropped from 275 FSB to 242 in order to get 1T command rate and noticed an improvement.

I currently have the following setup:


Asus A8N-E

AMD Athlon 4000+



TWINX 1024-4400C25 (1GB)


CPU FREQ = 242Mhz

multiplier X11 (2662Mhz)


Hyper T = X4 (968Mhz)


CAS 2.5

Tras 6

Trcd 3

Trp 3

1T/2T= 1T


C'MON you guys.... whadda you think?:D:

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Since I couldn't get my CPU-MOBO setup to run at 1T at anything faster than 242Mhz... how would the TWINX2048-3500LLPRO work:roll:

Of all the options available, IMO the PC3500LL 2048mb kit is the best option for your listed goals. Supposedly, the command rate is determined by the number of DIMMs/ranks addressed, not necessarily the memory bus speed even though bus speed may play into it when OCing. However, with the PC3500LL you can run 1T and the low latencies which is best for gaming applications. I am not sure the 3500LL will run 242mhz. It may or may not but, I'm sure you'd have to loosen the timings to do it "if" it will.



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