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Ram worked during first semester, not the 2nd


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I have 2 Corsair rams both of them are from the same model 512 rams 400MHz.

They both worked when i first bought them during the semester of college, then I had summer break, so i had to store my computer in the storage. I un assembled my computer, and placed the ram safely in the original box with all the wrappings.

BUT, when i came back and re-assembled my computer. ONE of the rams doesnt WORK!!! The computer doesn't detect the ram!!! I dont know why!!!


The information of the ram is:


CMX512-3200C2PT XMS3202v4.2

XMS3200 512 MB 400 MHZ CL 2 0433029-3


I bought them on http://www.newegg.com august 2004

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