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RMA request VS512MB400


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I've been running my two VS512MB400 sticks in dual-channel mode. Lately I've been getting random crashes to desktop/reboots whenever running any taxing programs. Because I was able to run memtest86 for 3 hours without any errors I thought it was a video card issue. I then (several days, and driver updates + a reformat later) ran prime95 in an attempt to confirm this. Much to my surprise, the torture test caused an error after 1 minute of running (every time). When I remove this stick (running only the other stick) it runs for over an hour without incident (I stopped it). When I run only this bad stick I can not get windows to boot (gives me a corrupt file error).


I tried both the "by SPD" and "automatic" settings in the BIOS.





Edit: Lot number is 0452057-0

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I hadn't heard about the prime95 bug, but then again I think this was my second time ever using it...


I took out the good stick, and put the bad stick back in, moving it around and running memtest. The results are:


slot1: Lots of errors within first 2 minutes

slot2: motherboard won't post

slot3: Lots of errors within first 2 minutes

slot4: Didn't bother trying. (ABIT forum have had several people complain this slot is quirky on the AV8)


I then took out the bad stick and put the good stick back in slot1, and memtest shows no errors.


I honestly have no idea why it didn't encounter errors when both sticks were in last week. :sigh!: I was on the verge of RMA'ing my x800xl because these crashes most often occured during battlefield 2 and civ4, but it makes sense because these are the only two programs I typically run at home that would require a bit/lot of ram. Or at least it does to me :laughing:


On a positive note: After I pulled the bad stick I was able to play battlefield 2 for 3 hours last night (albeit choppy due to harddrive swapping) without crashing, which had been occuring within 20 minutes.




Edit: This was at "by SPD" settings.

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