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Faulty CMX512-3200C2PRO


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I purchased 2 of these cmx512's, at different times as I could afford them. Both from Best Buy. The first worked, a couple months later I bought the second and the two worked together (mostly fine) up until about a week ago when one finally died. I dont mess with overclocking, so they werent stressed.


It started when I tried to boot and heard long spaced beeps. I wasnt certain if it were a memory, video, or cpu fault. I tore the pc apart and built it piece by piece until I got it to boot again with just one memory module. Then I put it the second and it work again, dual-channel n'all. It happened again several days ago. But now one of the modules doesnt work at all. I tried one stick, then the other. One worked. Together, it wont boot either.


I tested the current working one today with memtest . No errors. This module is XMS3202v4.7 I think (4.?) The one that doesnt work anymore is v1.2. (lot # 0518018-1)

I've gone through my bios and checked through all the settings, cas timings (2,3,3,6)-(3,3,3,8), voltage (2.7v) etc. so I'm all but certain that its just a faulty stick. As such, I'd like to request an RMA thanks

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