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What have I done?


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I have 4 Corsair XMS XPERT dims. I've ran all four of them for over a month (system has been running 24x7) without any problems. Two of them have now died.


Two of these four dimms came from a different lot and have a different version. One of each lot and version has died, while the other one from the same lot and version still works just fine.


What's happened? Did I do something wrong?

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Not sure which is the part# on the memmory, but one's v1.1 and the other's v3.4.


I downloaded and tried using memtest, but I think that's a little too advanced for me. Any other way to test it?


Also, I forgot to mention, I did have the LED displays plugged into both dimms at once. 2 displays covering all 4 dims. Is that a bad thing to do?

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