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Help with Corsair Value Select Problems


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Hi all,


I purchased a system from Cyberpower Systems this past Friday and have had a couple problems, but before I return it, I wanted to run the situation with the ram past all of you:


If you can't see my sys specs in the profile, I have:


Processor: OEM AMD X2 3800 CPU

Motherboard: MSI K8N NEO4-F NF4 PCI-E

RAM: 512MB PC3200 PC400 DDR x 4 (Corsair Value Select)


Now, when I run certain applications (picasa, specifically) in Windows (Media Center 2005), it crashes with a blue screen error. I'm running the memtest diagnostic and failing every test, but haven't seen the exact results yet (the test has been running overnight but hasn't finished yet).


Question is, is there anything obviously wrong with the build of the system that I should be aware of before shipping for repairs? I'm tempted just to get a refund and start all over, so any input would be great! Thanks!

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