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what 2x1gb memory.


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hey guys, i am looking in to getting 2x1Gb for my AMD computer,


my spec is


amd 3700 SD soc939 (CABNE stepping)

soc939 Asus a8n sli premium

7800gt BFG pci-e

2x512 corsair xms pc4400

500w seasonic psu

nec dvd rw 3540

antec p160

gigabyte g power pro cooler


basically i am looking into getting > Corsair TWINX2048-3500LLPRO (2x1GB) 2GB Dual Channel Pack


now will this work with my system ?


i like the fact that it has got "plug n frag" so i dont have to mess around with the latencys,


can my 3700Sandiego support 1T command rate?


any help on this will be great, and i am hoping to stick with corsair since they have been great,


either this memory or XXXXXX ballistix i shall be looking into


any other suggestions i'll be glad to hear

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