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Its all Rather confusing....


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Just built an new machine


Asus A8N-SLI (Latest BIOS flashed this morning)

AMD 64x2 3800 (Manchester Core)

1 GB Cosair (VS1GBKIT400)

XFX Nvidia 7800GT


Been having a few problems with it and blue screens not quite sure as to the solution, dropped my memory to run in single channel and machine run solid, dual channel seems to be the issue, according to Corsair the memory should run in my mobo but im a little confused over what timings I should set it to in bios or it should autodetect to.


Can anyone shed anylight on this?


Also If I was to purchase another gig of ram (same kit VS1GBKIT400) would it run dual channel in my mobo, according to Asus it would, but thought I would check on here.


Ta in advance for your help.

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