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Bad Module - 512MB ValueSelect


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I purchased two (individually, not a pair) modules of Corsair ValueSelect 512MB DDR400 memory modules. At first it seemed to work, then after a few days I started having system instability.


This usually manifested itself in random blue screen with memory dumps or random reboots. There was not pattern to the problems in any form (including time of day, software, temp, etc.). By the time I finally got around to spending time troubleshooting it my store's warranty had run out.


I pulled one memory module, and the problem immediately disappeared. A day later I took the remaining module and placed it in the same slot as the malfunctioning one had used. Still no problems.


It has now been a week, and no problems have re-occured since the first module was pulled. I am certain that it was the memory module. What do I now need to do to send it in for warranty replacement?



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