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I have a boggle please asssit


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Hey guys any help would be much appreciatted,


Since im pretty nub when it gets into this technicality RAM info etc, I am clueless to what is compatable with my MOBO.


The reason i say this is because 3months ago or so i bought


XMS3200-512MB 400MHZ

XMS3202v4.2 0520114-0 CL2


RAM, i don't what all the numbers mean but i wrote down everything on the heatspreader. LOL.


Anyways before i bought that i had two generic piece of ram totally 1 gig think it was hynix and something else. When i stuck in the corsair in the other remaining slots the computer just beeped and i assumed its because of incompatable matching ram. I was pretty sure the beep readout was due to the RAM.


Therefore im pretty hessitant in spending another $200 on RAM if its not going to work on my mobo.


My specs are

3200+ AMD 64

2GHZ, 1 GIG of RAM




Im pretty clueless in CAS timing, and have no idea what it is, as well as any other settings in the bios other than the BOOT sequence. LOL

Any help in setting me up this RAM problem would be excellent.

The place where im looking to buy RAM is




Anyone know whats good for me?

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