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Bad RAM! - Need Help


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I have 4 dims of Corsair CMXP512-3200C2. Purchased all at the same time, and put them in use over two months ago. Recently (today) I noticed that my system's running with only 1GB RAM. Two months ago, when I built my system, it did show 2GB RAM for sure, so this problem has developed since. I frequently checked my ram for consistency by looking at the programmable LED display. That is how I noticed that today, two of the four dims had gone to sleep.


The two bad dims do not work regardless on how I pair them up, or which of the four slots they occupy on my motherboard. If I take out the two good dims, the system will not boot up at all, and the RAM problem beep shows its nasty head.


If I leave all 4 dims in place, my Corsair Memory Dashboard sais that two sockets (the ones occupied by the bad ram) are empty. Again, regalrless how I switch them, the two bad dims are identified over and over as being "empty slots".


Please advise. - Purchased the ram from NewEgg on August 31st, 2005. Thank you.

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I did initially, but since that did not display corrently (it was just showing goofy characters), I only had 'em plugged into one (two total - the two memory sticks that are on the outside, opposed to eachother, leaving the inner ones uncapped by the LED displayes). One of them that was covering one of the bad RAM dims is the one that stopped working, which got me to check on my RAM problem. When testing my RAM, I did not use the LED displays at all. I just plugged in one dimm at a time, and thus separated the two that work from the two that didn't.
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