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4 Gigs of RAM only detects at 2.8


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I recently upgraded my computer from 2 gigs of memory to 4. When I put the two new sticks in, both the startup memtest and windows only detected 2.8 gigs. The BIOS correctly reports 4 gigs, and both pairs give 2 gigs when used independently. Any ideas?


Motherboard: D875PBZ

RAM: Two sets of TWINX2048-3200PT

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Could you go into more depth here? I mean, my motherboard says it supports up to 4 gigs of memory, so I expected I'd actually have 4 gigs available to use, rather than 2.8.


I had full access to the 2 gigs that were in previously, which would imply none of it was reserved for PCI routing. Is there any point in having 1.2 gigs devoted to PCI routing?


Is there a way to disable this PCI routing reservation? If the 2 gig kit isn't doing me any good, I'd rather return it and get a 1 gig kit, since I'd get most of what I paid for that way.

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