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I had received a few weeks after i purchased my 1G Corsair Flash Drive an email from the company about the rebate that I had sent in. It directed me to a website that told me my problem about getting my rebate money, and it said it would send me a postcard in the mail stating the problem and what I can do about it. I have yet to receive this postcard, and when I tried to call their 800 number I got a recording that did not do any justice to my problem. So I cannot contact the company and find out what else I do need to send them so that I can get my rebate. If anyone else has had this problem and can let me know what to do about it or, how to talk to someone from the company about this problem that would be great because I am dissapointed that bough this product knowing there was a rebate that I took into consideration and have not received yet. Thank You.
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  • Corsair Employees

Please go to: Contacts at Corsair about quarter to half way down you will see this:


Rebate Information and Checking Your Rebate Status



The following applies ONLY to Corsair product purchases made in retail stores.


If you purchased your memory before June 29, 2005, verify your rebate status at:


The Express Group

On-line: http://www.expressgroup.com

E-mail: rebateinq@expressgroup.com

Telephone: 1-800-741-1365


If you purchased your memory after June 29, 2005 verify your rebate status at:


Corsair Memory

On-line: Corsairmemory.rebatestatus.com

Telephone: 1-866-511-2968

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1. Where'd you buy the memory from?

2. Was the rebate from the store, or from Corsair?

3. What website were you directed to?


1. I bought my flash voyager from newegg.com

2. The rebate was from Corsair, there was a pdf link to print out the rebate from them and send it in.

3. I was directed to a Corsair website that told me to put name in and it brought up the status of what the email had said, that they did not receive the correct material to process the rebate. I can not remember the exact web address for it but i know that it came in the email sent from Corsair.


I had even sent them an email/comment message, and of course no one has gotten back to me about it. It disapoints me about the customer service that I can not get a hold of. I dont blame the website that I bought it from at all they are very good when something goes wrong.

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Actually I have just found the email, stating that they had received my submission for the rebate and then it sent me to a website to check my rebate ~ http://corsairmemory.rebatestatus.com/link.aspx?P61937439-41387557 so that I could check the status of my rebate. And left a customer service number 866-511-2968 which ended up being no help because it was only a recording that told me the same info that the website said.


I do have as proof a copy of the rebate that I had sent in with the appropritate upc label attached. By the way I purchased it on September 15, 2005 Please someone help. :(

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