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New user need help Corsair ram and MoBo related


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Ok assuming I set up my profile wrong or something he's what I got


My MoBo is a MSI K8T Neo2 Series (KT800pro chip set)

After running generic ram I wanted to upgrade to some better stuff (1BG of dual channel DDR400 to be honest)


I got the ram air delivered from the US (from an Ebay seller maybe my mistake :( ) it is the 1GB memory Moduel Kit Value Select he boasts that this is a "DUAL CHANNEL KIT Cas 2.5" First off is it? [other Id num on the memory are VS512MBDDR400]


Ok thats the info but here is my problem I consulted the Mother Board Manual and it say to run in dual channel mode you have to put the memory in DIMM1 (Ch A) and DIMM3 (Ch B) or DIMM2 (Ch A) and DIMM4 (Ch B)


I tried both but the end result is a blank screen I don't see the POST screen at all nothing not even the monitor turns on If I run them side by side it works but it drops to DDR333 (ugh!)


(1) is it possible to run dual channel (do i need to update my Bios or something)


(2) is it possible to force dual channel off so I can just run my memory in DDR400 mode without my mobo trying to run Dual channel


(3) Am I stuffed :[pouts:

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Thank you for replying I just need anyone to hear me out ahh it's been a frustrating day.

I think I know what your looking for mem timings and as far as i can see ... well this is what is on both sticks



783 - 0541081 - 0 - 621811


Other Stick


783 - 0541081 - 0 - 621810


Also to complicate matters furthur I bought some corsair about a year before this and its also the same value select some Vs512... except it has a lot number 0443069 - 0

also tried running with this stick and still zip. I value anyones time who even reads this thanks.


EDIT1: was reading some stuff is it because I have a Venice Core CPU that this memory will not work in dual channel people were talking about some Bios to 1010 or something??? [i'll look for it]

Also I saw other posts and Ram Guy was saying if you have Value Select put everything to SPD and try Dim volt 2.7 I tried that but still I stare at a blank screen I'll keep dancing though I'll try anything you guys tell me unless it will void my waranty :laughing:


EDIT2: http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44827&highlight=Select+problems

Same MoBo :[pouts: but he is using SanD and I'm Venice does this mean a Bios update? or is there anything else i can try.

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Alrighty then, had to pop over to MSI and download your manual to look over your Amibios and do a bit of research. Unfortunately, this board won't support three sticks, it will run two matched sticks in dual channel mode. It does appear from the numbers you provided that you do have a dual channel Corsair kit. From what I read about your board it looks like the default "auto" setting for Mem Voltage is 2.55 volts. The minimum recommended Mem Voltage for these sticks that I've seen posted by Ram Guy for these sticks is 2.7 volts. First you'll need to put some ram in to be able to get into the bios either the old generic or a stick of the new at 333mhz. To set the mem voltage value, you'll need to tap the keyboard's "Delete" key after turning on the computer when the initial screen that asks you whether you want to enter setup occurs. Once in the bios at the first screen, you'll want to use your keyboard's arrow keys to red highlight "Cell Menu" and press the "enter" key. Once in the "Cell Menu" section of your bios, you'll want to use the keyboard's arrow keys to red highlight "Memory Voltage" and hit the "enter" key. Change the value on the next screen from "Auto" to "2.7" using the arrow keys and the "enter" key. Then hit the "Esc" key to escape and bring you one screen back. Keep hitting the "Esc" key until your back to the initial bios screen that says "AMIBIOS NEW SETUP UTILITY" at the top of the screen then hit the keyboard's "F10" key to exit and save changes. So far we haven't set the correct timings in the "Dram Configuration" of the "Cell Menu" of your bios for your particular ram but it should now be able to run the two double-sided sticks ( the "D" in your memory chart) in dual channel mode using the bios's default "by spd" values read from the spd chip on each stick. From the manual's memory chart it looks like each double-sided stick should go in slots dimm2 and dim4 with the dimm4 slot being closest to your cpu. Tired now(4:00 AM), I'll be back tomorrow to help set timings.
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Volts set to 2.7


every option that can be spd is spd tried running the the sticks in 2 and 4 ... blank screen. Hmmm it will be interesting when MSI update their dam Live Update so I can safely get the 3.92 Bios update sice they boast


1. This is AMI BIOS release


2. This BIOS fixes the following problem of the previous version:

- Update CPU ID.


3. 2005/07/29


maybe that will help? maybe my current CPU ID does not include Venice (which is a newish core)

it would also be a bit nicer if AMI was more descriptive on their updates :laughing:


basically all I can run is


which reverts to 333


Dual channel or even DDR400 is either





or if I had another mem module

D/D/D/D which runs 333 anyway.


I'm sure it has to be my Bios but this ram is probably older than my mainboard which is kinda iffy :confused:


Anyway thanks alot Gav

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This chipset will support one, two or four modules but not three and all of the modules would need to be exactly matched both in part# and revision. In addition, if you use more than two double sided modules it may need to run at DDR333 as well.
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Found My problem


For anyone who wants to read



So for owners of the venice core like me I NEED the 9.1 or 9.2 Bios as it was introduced to solve these very problems I've been having.


Matt Phelps

"I'm happy! My PC boots up now with two sticks of ram in dual channel mode. :) Thanks! agree


M/B : MSI K8T Neo2 FIR VIA K8T800 Pro

Bios: AMI bios version 9.10

CPU : AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice

Memory: 2x XXXXXX 512MB DDR PC3200 CAS3 (1Gb total)"



9.1 is supperb so far. Dual channel works and all is happy for the moment. This one was worth the wait.


Quadrifoglio Verde

The best thing about the new version, is the capability of running the memory at 200 MHz and 2-2-2-5 1T timings. With most memory types, the 3.3 version automatically set the CAS Latency to 2,5. The new version doesn't.


Great now I just have to find a Newbs guide for updating a BIOS (if one exists)


Just for clarification my 3.3 Bios was for older AMD64 CPU's anything Venice, San Diego or X2 need 9.1 - 9.2

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