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new ram started to CTD


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I just fitted 2 X1 gig sticks of Corsair XMS32002PT to replace 2X 512 Corsair XL

& now I am getting CTD which I didn't have before.


I have Asus A8V deluxe rev2 & set the board to defaults. I tried 1T & 2T but when playing BF2 it suddenly CTD, also on Farcry with occasional blue screen as well. My machine is AMD64 4000+ & is not overclocked

I tried removing & refitting & they are in correct slots so not sure what to try next :confused:

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hello ram guy,


I selected the voltage you suggested , it was on auto before & it seems possibly to have fixed it as it has not crashed since but need to experiment more before I am sure but thanks for voltage suggestion !:):

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