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DFI LANparty nf4 + Corsair XMS3200C2


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Hi all,


I try to get my Corsair memory working with a DFI LANparty nf4 Ultra-D board.


Problem: As soon as a game startx and access DirectX or OpenGL, the

application crashs.


I found already some references that say Corsir memory is not the best choice for this board and OCZ and other brands are recommended.


Even DFI support says that (confirmed by mail).


I haven't payed that much bucks for high value memory to throw it away or to sell it for cheap on eBay!


Has anyone tried this combination and was successfull? Note: I'm not trying to overclock the memory, I just want to have it run at 400MHz. ATM the machine can use the memory but only at 333. Then I am even able to play games.


Any hint is greatly appreciated!





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What is the exact part # and revision # of each stick?


Memory used is CMX512-3200C2. Further data:


XMS3202v5.1, 0508004-2


Is it a TwinX pack?


I guess so (two packages including two RAM sticks)


How many sticks do you have total?


4 x 512 MB


what timings / voltage in the BIOS are they set to currently?


The following is taken from the BIOS:


DRAM 200Mhz






Trc 07 Bus clocks


Trrd 02

Twr 02

Twlr 02

Trwf 03

Trcf 3120



LDT = 1.2V

Chipset voltage = 1.5V

DRAM voltage = 2.6


CUPID on Windows returns:


Frequency = 157.9


CAS# Latency = 2.5

RAS# to CAS# Delay = 3

RAS# Precharge = 3

cycle times = 7

bank cycle time = 7

DRAM idle timer = 256 clocks


I truly believes this is either a BIOS issue or problems in Windows. Yesterday night I installed a pretty fresh SUSE LINUX 10.0 and played Quake4 on it without any application crash. Only issue: Sound. Have to followup with it but I don;t have crashing games like in Windows.


Thanks for looking into this!





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1. Up the DDR Voltage to 2.7x


Will try on monday and let you know.


2. What version Athlon64 do you have? Only certain ones can handle 4 sticks @ 400 Mhz, the others will run 4 sticks @ 333 Mhz.


It's a 3200. Have to check on monday also and provide you more data.


A colleague of mine is running the same CPU modell with the same amount of memory on a Abit Fatal1ty. Memory has no problems there. And he is using the same memory as I am. BTW: he was never so satisfied with memory modules before :biggrin:

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Will try on monday and let you know.


ATI driver still crashs when loading a game. Quake4 doesn't start at all, C&C generals after aprox. 5 minutes of playing.


This evening we're going to test the Corsair memory of my colleague on this mainboard. Let's see if those modules work...


2. What version Athlon64 do you have?[...]


Athlon 64 Winchester 3500+, Revision DH8-D0


Current settings:


speed = 2200 MHz

Multiplier = x 11

HTT = 200 MHz

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Ok, here are the results from the tests we ran tonight:


1. We moved the memory of my colleagues system to this one and my

memory to his. Result: Both work in the others system :(


On his machine my memory was detected by CPU-Z with

3-3-3-8@200Mhz. Started FarCry and game could be played.


2. His memory in my system: 2-2-2-5@200Mhz, Corsair CMX512-3200XL.

Start Quake4 -> yezz!


3. My Memory back in my system: values set to 3-3-3-8@200MHz -> :biggrin:


4. I removed 1GB memory (only bank 1 & 2 were used, 3&4 empty) -> Quake4

started, game could be played but emory is detected as Single-Channel

DDR 64-bit instead of Dual-Channel 128-bit :confused:


Conclusion: 2GB XMS512-3200XL work pretty fine on the DFI LANparty nf4 Ultra-D but not XMS512-3200C2. According to




I should be able to use them with 2.5-3-3-8@200Mhz but CPU-z shows 3-3-3-8 and I can't start any game with them (well, except Heroes3 ;): ).


If you are interested, I have some CPU-Z screenshots handy (my memory on Abit Fatality and XMS512-3200XL on my mainboard).


Any ideas?

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You should get the latest -1 Bios for DFI and then load setup/optimized defaults and set the memory voltage to 2.7 Volts and test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org. In addition, all of our XMS modules that end with a "C2" designation will have their SPD set to JEDEC defined values for the specific IC we use and the tested setting would need to be manually set.
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