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Abit AN8-Ultra + 3200XLLPT and 3200LLPT = Prime95 errors


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Ok, so, despite my best efforts at trying to find the right settings, I haven't been able to get Prime95's "Blend" test to run reliably on my system when running dual memory channels.


I've had no problems at all with memtest, SANDRA, 3DMark, or any of Prime95's other tests. The system seems to take all I can throw at it without blue screens or other strange behavior. It is ONLY Prime95's "Blend" test that I am having problems with.


Clock: 400Mhz

CAS Latency time: 2

Row Cycle Time: 11

Row Refresh Cycle Time: 14

RAS# to CAS# Delay: 3

RAS# to RAS# Delay: 2

Min. RAS# Active Time: 6, also tried 8

RAS# Precharge Time: 2, also tried 3 and 4

Write Recovery Time: 2

Write to Read Delay: 2

Read to Write Dealy: 3

Command Rate: 1T, also tried 2T

Burst Length: 4 beats

Bank Interleaving: Enabled


The only time I haven't had errors is when the burst length is set to 2 beats, which is obviously not a desireable setting. I've tried increasing the voltage from 2.75 volts all the way to 2.85 volts and everything in between. No difference there, except higher voltages seem to help somewhat.



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