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More DFI-Twinx4400C25 problems


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I got a gig of this Twinx4400C25 to go along with my DFI Ultra-d, 3700+ Sandiego and 7800Gt.. Right from the start without any overclocks I have been plagued with game lockups and random reboots.. I have the latest official BIOS running and even tried entering in ram settings from this DFI-street thread and Im still haveing problems..


Tonight I swapped my ram with my brothers, a gig of [Other name brand that works goes here] Lvl2 specials and havnt had a problem so far tonight, but my brother sais he cant even get Windows to stop rebooting unless he switches his 200fsb down to default of 166 while useing my memory..


This is my first experience with Corsair/XMS memory and to tell you the truth I payed some good money for these babies and my thoughts on Corsair memory are now staring to dwindle.. IF any of you stuck in the same boat have found ways to fix this please let me know.. I will try flashing to a successful user modded BIOS tomorrow and even try OC'ing these suckers and see how they do. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks

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