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Question about radiator mounting


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I found it easier with the barbs at the bottom. When bleeding I unhooked it from the mounting bracket and laid it on the table. With barbs at top you will have longer tubing runs to get to lower PCI slots.

See attached pic's 007 & 009. To burp all the air out, I had to tilt the case as in pic 022.




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I've had radiator mounted in every different position that you can mount one in. I haven't noticed any problems with any of them. I also keep my res on the case floor and it also works just fine, no air, no bleed problems...........:sunglasse


mayden start of the water flow in system res should be the high point.


hey BH every drive a LeCar you needed a 36" tall funnel to fill the rad to push out the air of heater core that was higher then rad. i guess this where the "T" fillport shines give system level of fluid

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My Ex used to own one of those little things when I lived in Europe......;):


Doesn't really matter where the res is..........directly feeding the pump is much better than a foot long tube between the res and pump for better performance. Just look at all the systems on the market that have a pump res combo that sits on the case floor, they all work just fine.

I also built my external box that sat on the floor and I had the computer on the desk, that makes the res in the lowest point also, still works and bleeds just fine. That's the same thing that Corsair did with the Hydrocool, so it really doesn't make any differance.

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I have finally got the whole Corsair cool installed. It works great! My P-4 Prescott 3.0 E idles at 36C and it's overclocked to 3,160 mghz. The NB chipset idles at 26C.

My Gainward 6800 Ultra idles at 45C in enhanced mode with the GPU at 400 mghz and the ram at 1100.

I am positive I can go higher on everything, but I have no

need to. Both this CPU and this video card are known to run Hot, but the Corsair Cool keeps everything well below what is needed even under a heavy game load or when I process graphics. Corsair did a great job of putting this system together..... kudos to Swiftec also!

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